Darco Night Splint with Air

Darco Night Splint with Air
Item# darconightsplintwithair

Product Description

New Darco Night Splint with Air is designed to alleviate heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis. Hand pump inflates/deflates bladder located in sole of boot for custom comfort fit. Terry cloth lining is all natural, comfortable and moisture absorbent Non-slip tread on the sole. Maintains proper flexation when worn properly

Size according to shoe size.

  • Size Small - Men's: Up to 4.5 and Women's: Up to 6.5
  • Size Medium - Men's: 5-8 and Women's: 7-10
  • Size Large - Men's: 8.5-11 and Women's: 10.5-13
  • Size XLarge - Men's: 11.5-14 and Women's: 13.5+